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Dear Sonja,

I would like to send a special thank you to Rex Tio and Josh.

I flew a Lear 45, N988PA into Vancouver to pick up the owners.  On the return trip to the States, we had a pylon overheat indication and had to return to Vancouver.  Rex and Josh came to the airport on Sunday to help us out. They did a first rate job and got us back on the road with minimum delay.  They were both very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.  If you have to have a problem on the road, this was about as painless as possible.

Thank you very much,

Mark Leathers Chief Pilot, NVJ Partners LLC



Penta Aviation Services

5455 B Airport Road South
Vancouver International Airport
Richmond, British Columbia
Canada V7B 1B5
Phone: (604) 273-4649
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Aircraft services

Penta Aviation Services was created more than 13 years ago by a group of individuals with years of aircraft maintenance experience behind them. Their objective was to provide better service, a better product, the best value for the customer. Their plan was to grow but not too big, too fast and not to try to outdo the competition in numbers, but rather to deliver great service.

To this day, Penta Aviation Services prides itself on giving aircraft owners the best value for money. That is why our business is still based not on large volume but on first-class customer support.

Penta Aviation Services is the main maintenance service provider for new and used Hawkers. Penta is governed by the same stringent standards required by those OEMs for their own Service Facilities.

For most operations, down time is probably the most critical factor. Even if flying is slow, an owner might need to go on an unexpected trip or suddenly engage a lucrative charter – the aircraft needs to be available! One of Penta’s major strengths is to keep the time an aircraft spends in the maintenance hanger to an absolute minimum. Not only are projects pre-planned to the last detail long before the aircraft arrives, Penta also assigns crews to be dedicated exclusively to each aircraft.

Penta has proven many times that it has the edge over non-authorized repair stations, since its requests for OEM engineering support receive immediate attention. With full OEM engineering support, issues requiring engineering can be dealt with in a timely fashion with minimum impact on aircraft outdates.

Having major inspections carried out by an authorized service centre might appear to be more costly in the short term but will serve to increase the resale value in the long term, as the first thing a prospective buyer looks for is the maintenance history of the aircraft.

Penta Aviation is a:


  • Hawker Authorized Service Centre
  • Honeywell Authorized Service Dealer
  • Honeywell Authorized TF73l Engine Line Service Centre


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